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Cornell Students (includes conference ticket)

Cornell University (any college, school, department) students use this application. You do not have to have a team to sign up. It is your choice if you would like to hack through the night on Saturday, you are allowed to stay at eHub, but you are not required to stay through the night. If you do have a team, each member must complete their own application. Students may participate in this hackathon for academic credit. Credit is being offered through the Vet School, and through Johnson- as NBA6029. The hackathon is capped at 125 participants. In 2017 almost 250 students signed up. If you are interested we strongly encourage you to sign up sooner than later. Please keep in mind the info you enter in your application will be shared with the sponsors, mentors, and be used to create your name tag.

Other University Student Application (includes conference ticket)

This application is for any student NOT at Cornell University or Cornell Tech. Thank you. WE DO NOT PROVIDE HOUSING or transportation, nor do we provide stipends or reimbursements for these costs. It is your choice if you want to hack through the night on Saturday night, no one is required to work through the night. If you have a team, each member must complete an application. You are not required to have a team, most people will join/create/find a team at the event.

Volunteer Mentor Application (includes conference ticket)

If you would like to volunteer to be a mentor please complete this application. First preference for mentors are provided to sponsors of the event. If we have room for additional mentors we will let you know via email by accepting your application to attend. Mentors arrive at specific times on Saturday for 4 hr blocks of time. At designated times mentors arrive and immediately go into a room to hear a "PiNG" in which one member of each student team updates the group on their Progress, Needs, & Goals. This takes about 30min in total. Mentors take notes and then go around to each team to provide their feedback/guidance/advice. Signage and posters indicate which teams are in which rooms. 4 hours later a new PiNG happens with a new group of mentors. Please note that students should not be solicited/recruited for jobs and you should not approach them about such things during the hackathon. Students are not required to heed your advice. Thank you for your interest in supporting our students.

Conference Only Ticket

If you are interested in attending the Conference on Friday from 12:30pm-5:45pm, but not able to participate in the hackathon, please register for this ticket. We have a limited number of seats available, but are more than happy to have you enjoy our speakers. Please note that at 6pm the conference transitions to the hackathon, after 6pm all programming and activities are exclusively for hackathon participants.

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